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E-Gestion International allows your NGO to build a perfect plan tailor-made for your specific needs.

The employees of the group E-Gestion have more than 20 years of market leadership in providing insurance solutions including worldwide Employee Benefits insurances to workers from international organisations. Our clients are based in virtually every country in the world and as a result, we have acquired unmatched experience and knowledge of this industry.

Your employees and their families can be located in remote areas or near conflict zones, thus increasing their risk of injury. This not only brings the challenges of being in a foreign country, but also the importance of ease of access to quality health care, as well as medical/security evacuation in the event of an emergency.


The success of your NGO and your employees’ assignment depends on the well-being and safety of your employees. E-Gestion International is committed to supporting their work by providing your employees and their families with adequate cover to ensure peace of mind.

Our Global international plans

have a fully integrated solution that prepares your employees for all eventualities, whether they are on short-term or long-term assignment.

Our Regional plans

are an innovative and sustainable insurance solution, specifically designed for your organisation’s key local and third country nationals (TCN) staff in Africa.

What makes these plans unique is that they are supported by the insurers first rate services and specialist local knowledge, while keeping your budget under control.

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